Supported Equipment

Depot Systems 5 supports the following equipment types. Custom size types can be created and custom programming can be done to allow special features for any customer needs.


  • Any size container, custom size types can be created.
  • Standard, Flatrack, open top, etc..
  • Built in lift on / lift off and automatically charge per lift
  • Equipment condition codes, custom codes can be created
  • Storage Rates per account, size type, empty, loaded, free days and more.
  • Gate inspection rates per account, size type, empty, loaded and more.
  • Lifting Rates per account, size type, empty, loaded and more.
  • Freight release, Customs Release, and COD charges.
  • Load handling, door seals, Bill of Loading and more.
  • Manifest for arriving equipment.
  • Re-delivery numbers for arriving lease equipment.

Tank Containers

  • All the features above and..
  • Unit Charges for Cleaning, Heating, inspecting, and custom charges per unit, per account.
  • Tank Type, Valve Type, Inspection dates, and more.

Reefer Containers and Gensets

  • All the features above and..
  • Reefer Temperature, vents, model and serial number, CO2, fuel level, pretrip status.
  • Mount and dismount gensets from containers or chassis


  • Lifting / Mounting of containers on chassis
  • Unlimited Chassis Pooling. Supports all US chassis pools, DCLI, Trac, Flexi Van. Custom pools and in-house chassis rental pools supported.
  • License Plate, Tires, FMCSA entry.
  • Tri-Axle Support.
  • Complete damage pick lists on tablet system. Custom damage items supported.
  • Chassis Stacks
  • Optional Chassis Rental Module.